1/17/10 Coupon Inserts in the Wisconsin State Journal

It’s great to get a heads up on the upcoming newspaper inserts, but it becomes frustrating when you just don’t know which ones you’ll get and which ones you won’t.

I’ve found that having a list of what actually came in my paper is a great way to do a quick check when I see the match-ups from other bloggers.  I love checking a word document, I don’t like digging through my files only to find that I don’t have the coupon to make that great deal. Also, I can know right up front if I need to find the coupon to make the deal happen here.   So here is this week’s inserts for all you Madisonians.  Enjoy!

1/17/10 Wisconsin State Journal


Steamfresh Meals $1.50/1 (x2/27/10)

Curel moisturizer $1/1 (x3/31/10)

Colgate Total Enamel Strength, Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Colgate Total Advanced Clean or Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste 4.0 oz or larger $1/1 (x2/6/10)

Jumbo pack or larger of GoodNites Sleep Pants $1.50/1 (x2/27/10)

Blue Diamond Almonds $1/2 (x4/30/10)

Blue Diamond BOLD Almonds $1/2 (x4/30/10)

Deli Cuts $1/1 (x3/30/10)

Systane Product $2/1 (x3/31/10)

ICAPS Vitamin Formula $2/1 (x3/31/10)

OPTI-FREE Solution 10 oz or larger (x4/16/10)

Cottonelle Soothing Clean Flushable Moist Wipes in 2/36 ct Tubs or 42 ct Refills or larger OR 1/72ct Refill or larger .50 (x2/28/10)

4-pack or larger Cottonelle Aloe & E Toilet paper .50/1 (x2/28/10)
10 oz or 24 oz Mariani Dried Plums .75/1 (x3/31/10)

Clearasil product $1/1 (x4/11/10)

Schiff Move Free 80 ct or higher $5/1 (x3/31/10)

Airborne product $1/1 (x3/1/10)

Angel Hair package or any variety of Dreamfields Pasta $1/1 (x4/30/10)

Johnsonville Bratwurst $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Johnsonville Italian Sausage $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Johnsonville Smoked & Cooked Sausage $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Johnsonville Breakfast Links, Patties or Roll Sausage $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Johnsonville Summer Sausage $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Red Lobster Lunch Entrees $3/2 (x3/4/10)

Red Lobster Dinner Entrees $4/2 (x3/4/10)

P & G Saver

Duracell Ultra Advanced $1.10/1 (x2/28/10)

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries, Charger, Instant Charger, Powerhouse Charger or Pocket Charger $2/1 (x2/28/10)
Duracell CopperTop 6 pack or larger $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Dawn Plus Hand Renewal .50/1 (x2/28/10)

Tide Detergent .35/1 (x2/28/10)

CoverGirl product $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Secret Flawless .50/1 (x3/31/10)

Olay Hand or Body Lotion $2/1 (x2/28/10)

Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Olay Body Wash, Bar or In-shower Body Lotion $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Pantene products $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Olay Regenerist or Definity Facial Moisturizer or Faccial Cleanser $3/1 (x2/28/10)

Crest Toothpaste 4.0 oz or larger or liquid gel .75/1 (x2/28/10)

Scope 473mL or larger .75/1 (x2/28/10)

Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage or any TWO indicators .75/1 (x2/28/10)

Oral-B Floss Picks 45ct or larger, Satin Floss, or any Glide product $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Vicks NyQuil or DayQuil $2/1 (x2/28/10)

Vicks Product except NyQuil or DayQuil $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Pepto-Bismol product .50/1 (x2/28/10)

Prilosec OTC product $3/1 (x2/28/10)

PUR Pitcher or Faucet Mount Replacement Filter Multi-Pack or Refrigerator Filter 1-Pack $3/1 (x2/28/10)

PUR or PUR Flavor Options System (pitcher or faucet mount) $3/1 (x2/28/10)

500 mL or larger Febreze Fabric Refresher B1G1 free (x2/28/10)

Febreze Air Effects .50/1 (x2/28/10)

Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit $4/1 (x2/28/10)

Febreze Candle $1/1 (x2/28/10)

Gillette Fusion 6 ct or larger cartridges $3/1 (x2/28/10)

Gillette Mach3, Mach3 Turbo, or M3 Power 8 ct or larger cartridges $2/1 (x2/28/10)


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