Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Insert 1/31/10

There is only a Smart Source in this week’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and there is a coupon in their USA Weekly:

Natrol product $2/1 (x4/30/10)

I’ve color coded the coupons that were only in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel red, and I’ve included a list at the bottom of the list that were only in the Wisconsin State Journal (these are NOT in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

(xX/XX) after coupon = expiration date
(x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon
ETS = excludes trial sizes
DND-5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/ a 5
ex=excludes product listed after
B1G1=Buy one Get one FREE


B1G1 Complete pair of Eyeglasses or Rx Sunglasses (x3/27/10)

B3G1 The Bone Homestyle Carved Tub Lunchmeat (x3/31/10)

Eggland’s Best Cage Free Dozen or Organic Dozen Eggs .50/1 (x6/30/10)

Eggland’s Best Eggs .35/1 (x6/30/10)

Colgate Total, Colgate Max White, Colgate Max Fresh, Colgate Sensitive or Colgate Kids Toothpaste (4 oz or larger) .50/1 (x2/20/10)

Colgate 360 Adult Manual Toothbrush .40/1 (x2/20/10)

Colgate 360 Sonic Power Toothbrush $1/1 (x2/20/10)

Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap, 8.5 oz, .35/1 (x2/20/10)

Softsoap brand Body Wash .75/1 (x2/20/10)

Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant or any Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant ETS .50/1 (x2/20/10)

.50/1 Irish Spring body Wash ETS OR .50/2 Irish Spring Multi-Bar Soap packs, 3-pack or larger (x2/20/10)

Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap, 20/25 oz, .40/1 (x2/20/10)

JCPenney FREE 8×10 Portrait & One FREE Sitting Fee, 30% off Portrait Collections, $3 off Single-Image Enhanced Portraits

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust .35/1 (x4/24/10)

Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads .40/2 (x4/24/10)

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls .40/2 (x4/24/10)

Pillsbury Savorings products $1/2 (x4/24/10)

Basic 4, Chex, Fiber One, Honey Nut clusters, Oatmeal Crisp, Raisin Nut Bran, Total, Wheaties $1/2 (x3/31/10)

Marzetti Veggie Dip, 11 oz or above, .60/1 (x4/30/10)

Fiber One Chewy Bar .50/2 (x3/27/10)

Fiber One Original, Fiber One Honey Clusters, Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters, Fiber One Caramel Delight, Fiber One Frosted Shredded Wheat $1/2 (x3/31/10)

Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars .50/1 (x3/27/10)

Clorox Regular-Bleach, 82 oz or larger, .50/2 (x3/15/10)

Clorox 2 Stain fighter & Color Booster product $1/1 (x3/15/10)

Pace Picante Sauce, 16 oz or larger, .60/2 (x3/31/10)

Pace Salsa, 15 oz or larger, .60/2 (x3/31/10)

Accu-Chek Aviva system $5/1 (x4/30/10)

Snapple Tea or Juice Drink, 6-pack 16 oz glass bottles, $1/1 (x3/14/10)

Farmland Breakfast Sausage Links $1/2 (x4/30/10)

Farmland Sausage Rolls $1/2 (x4/30/10)

Hills Bros. .75/1 (x3/31/10)

Boston Market, $15/$75 Catering Order (x2/14/10), $1 off individual plate (x2/21/10), $2/$10 (x2/21/10), $4/$20 purchase (x2/21/10)

6 White Castle Microwavable Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers. .50/1 (x5/1/10)

Nature Made Cholestoff $3/1 (x2/27/10)

Nature Made CoQ10 $3/1 (x2/27/10)

Nature Made Vitamins $1/1 (x2/27/10)

Red Baron multi-serve pizzas $1/2 (x4/11/10) DND-5

Purina Cat Chow, 3 lb or larger bag, OR Purina Kitten Chow, any variety $1/1 (x4/1/10)

Purina Fit & Trim, 3.5 lb bag, $1/1 (x2/28/10)

B1G1 Beggin’ Strips, 6 oz or smaller, up to $3.99, (x3/28/10)

Reynolds Wrap Foil, exc 20, 25, 30 sq ft, .75/1 (x2/28/10)

FREE single roll of Marcal Small Steps towel, bath tissue or facial tissue OR $1/1 Marcal Small Steps towel, napkin, bath tissue or facial tissue (x3/7/10)

Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue $2/1 (x3/7/10)

Arm & Hammer Total 2-in-1 Moist Dryer Cloths .50/1 (x3/31/10)

Dannon 32 oz All Natural Yogurt Products or Activia 24 oz. Tubs $1/2 (x2/28/10)

Sargento Natural Shredded Cheeses, 5 oz or larger, .50/2 (x4/30/10)

10 Dannon 60 oz Single-Serve Cups OR any 2 Light & Fit 4-packs $1 off (x2/28/10)

Tabasco Brand Family of Flavors .75/1 (x3/14/10)

Chinet Comfort Cup .75/1 (x3/31/10)

Hershey’s Kisses Brand Milk Chocolates, Hershey’s Miniatures Assortment, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures or York Peppermint Patties, 19.75 oz or larger $2/2 (x3/14/10)

Pieces, 10 oz or larger, $1/1 (x4/17/10)

Luden’s Bag, 30 ct, .55/1 (x3/31/10)

Zantac product $2/1 (x5/31/10)

Zantac products $5/2 (x5/31/10)

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners $1/1 (x3/31/10)

Daisy Brand Sour Cream, 16 oz or larger, .50/1 (x2/28/10)

Edy’s Branded Product, 1.5 qt, $1/1 (x3/15/10)

Land O Lakes Seasoning $1/2 (x6/30/10) DND-5

x Air Wick Air Freshener Spray B2G2 FREE (x3/14/10)

Air Wick Aqua Mist $1/1 (x3/14/10)

Bayer Aspirin product, 10 ct or larger, $1/1 (x3/31/10)

Heart Health Advantage AND Bayer Aspiring product, 24 ct or larger $3 on both (x3/31/10)

Delsym product $1.50/1 (x4/25/10)

Southern Comfort Rebate

Sarna Original or Sarna Sensitive Anti-Itch Lotion, 7.5 oz, $2/1 (x3/31/10)

Tena Pads 36-72 ct/Overnight, Tena Underwear 6-18 ct or Tena Male Guards $1.50/1 (x4/30/10)

Canadian Mist Rebate

Emerald Nuts, 5 oz or larger, $1.50/2 (x3/14/10)

Pop Secret products .50/2 (x3/14/10)

These are the coupons that were in the Wisconsin State Journal and NOT the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

$1 off Chili (any brand, flavor or size) when you purchase any ONE package of Keebler Club Crackers (9 oz or larger, any flavor) (x3/17/10)

Oprah Subscription savings $12/yr

K-Y Brand Yours + Mine K-Y Intense or K-Y Intrigue product ETS $5/1 (x4/30/10)

K-Y brand product ETS $2/1 (x4/30/10)

Dairy Queen coupons (x3/31/10)

Combo $1/1

Blizzard Treat $1/1

Iron Grilled Sandwich or Combo $1/1

DQ Cake, 8” or larger, $3/1

NO Red Plum coupons


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