FREE Downloads of Elizabeth White books from Amazon

Have you ever thought it would be really great to have a Kindle.  Oh I know, nothing can beat holding an actual book in your hands when reading it, but it sure can be handy to have a library in your hands to pick from.  My kids bought me an iTouch for Christmas and I discovered that I could download kindle books right onto it.   It’s not as big as a kindle, but it serves many purposes.  Also, if you don’t own a handheld device, you can use your computer like a kindle and read the books right on it.

Right now Amazon is offering free Elizabeth White books.  You can purchase in one click once you’ve set up your kindle receiver.  It actually goes wirelessly to my iTouch.  So easy, too easy.  😉

Go here for pages and pages of free kindle options as well.

Thanks Smart Couponing


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