Search with Swagbucks! Earn free stuff!

Search & Win

Do you search the internet, how about often?  Well, I do.  And now I earn credit on Amazon toward books that I want to buy.  It could also be a great savings account for Christmas, just keep adding $5 gift cards to your Amazon account with just 45 swagbucks earned, without paying a anything.

Click on the banner to sign up and earn 3 swagbucks immediately.  If you choose to share this searching tool with others and they sign up through you, you’ll share their first 100 swagbucks.  You can continue to do that with as many people that sign up through you.  One note, you can only use one account per household.

It turns out that you’ll earn 1, 2 or more swagbucks every so often, when you search.  I end up with at least a few a day.  It just depends on how often you search.  I’ve opted to download their toolbar and I can just search right in their box instead of bringing up their webpage. Another benefit of the toolbar is that once in awhile they’ll post messages from the TSG and when you click on it, they will give you swag codes for immediate swagbucks, after you copy and paste it into their box for swag codes.  There’s a few other ways to find swag codes as well on their twitter account and blog, among other places.

If you don’t like downloading toolbars, you can adjust the search box on your webpage to search with your swagbucks account.

They have lots of other prizes like other gift cards, apparel and accessories, books and magazines, collectibles and lots more.  You can also use a few swagbucks and enter sweepstakes to win big.  It just depends on what trips your trigger.  Give it  a shot, I’m glad I did.


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