Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program

It’s time to sign up again for the Book It! program and motivate your kids with something we know they love for doing something we know we love.  Each child can earn a monthly Personal Pan Size Pizza for reading what you determine is worthy of that reward.

Each individual family must sign up.  The deadline for signing up is June 30th, but they’ll continue to accept requests as long as supplies last.  It’s for kids grade K-6.


FREE Ladybug Minibooks + Others

CurrClick’s Freebie for this week is a 21 page Ladybug Mini book compilation.  It includes lots of cute little minibooks which can be cut out, folded and written in.   But that’s not all.  They have lots of other free offerings here, including Learning Across the USA:  President’s Day Freebie, Haiti Lapbook, Why Share Shakespeare and others.

They have a lot of reasonably priced items about everything you’d want to learn about or know about!

Currclick’s Freebie

This week’s freebie at Currclick is this 81 page download of four full poems and five related scriptures called Copying the Poems:  Winter Time.  This copywriting download includes reference charts of upper and lower case letters as well as numerals in a Zaner-Bloser style from Bogart Family Resources.


Whole Big Handbook of Nature Study available

Get it while you can!  All six parts of this download are available right now at Homeschool Freebie of the Day.  There are also some other books that I happened to miss the first time around.  Yea!  The titles include Gulliver’s Travels for Young People with an Mp3 audio as well.  Get on over there before they’re gone!

Free Charlotte Mason eBooks

Smooth and Easy Days (free e-book)Charlotte Mason has so many wonderful insights in teaching our children.   I was so happy to find these free ebooks and can’t wait to start reading them.

I’ve started looking over Smooth and Easy Days and it includes so many useful quotes and info about habits.

Masterly Inactivity with Charlotte Mason includes more quotes and chapters about parenting.  Aren’t parenting techniques the basics in teaching our own children?

Education Is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life speaks for itself.

Thanks Mom For Him

The Big Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock

Homeschool Freebie of the Day has this awesome freebie this week.  All week they’re giving a new section of this wonderful homeschool resource.   Get Reptiles, Amphibians and Mammals today and you can still pick up the two sections from yesterday.  I own a hardback of this book already and am going to love having a copy that I can pick and choose pages I can print and use.  Check it out!